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Tudor Glass Double Glazed Sealed Units

Tudor glass have invested heavily in the manufacturing process to produce the highest quality double glazed sealed units.

Every aspect of production is constantly monitored to ensure the consistency of products.

Double Glazed Unit Production

Orders are processed on our specialist Software to price, batch and optimise our production facility.

Glass is then cut on our semi automatic cutting table




Production is sequenced with the use of slot cars for efficient sealed unit production which has the additional benefit of reducing any scratches caused by stacking glass on A frames

Double Glazed Units Essex

Sealed Glazing Units Essex

Glass Manufacturers Essex

Sealed Glazing UnitsSpacer bars are cut by our digital saw within a tolerance of 0.5mm and filled with desiccant.

Computer controlled spacer cutting

Glass ManufacturersThe spacers are then Butyled and hung in production sequence

PIB Butyl seal added to Aluminium spacer
The glass is then washed and spacers are applied semi automatically and then pressed to ensure a primary seal is made.

In the case of Super Spacer this is applied of-line and pressed.

Double Glazed UnitsProduction Line Of Our Double Glazed Unit Manufacturing Process.

Tudor Glass EssexWhen required Argon Gas is used to fill the units to increase insulation values.

Units are then sealed, taped and padded ready for transport.

Multiple Glass UnitsFinished units Ready for despatch 1

Units are taped for safety in handling and to offer some protection for the glass edges.

Our units are labelled with complete location information for ease of glazing on site.
The weight is also printed on the label to ensure safe handling weight limits are maintained.

Lead Times vary according to products ordered but generally and ideal lead times would be as follows:-

Float Units 3-4 Days
Toughened Units 4-5 Days
Leaded and Georgian 7-10 Days
However Customer is king and we will always try to speed up the service if required